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About Us

I began dreaming of living in Dubai probably 4 years ago. That time I brought my first visit to Dubai just for a nice vacation in November and I fell in love with the city. 10 days long I was walking around, visiting all nice places and thinking how lucky all these people must be who live here. I was hoping that maybe one day I will also be able to become one of those lucky ones. But at that time it seemed so unlikely to me. And with pain in my heart I left those dream city and got back to my real life in Holland. But I had promised myself to come back. And exactly one year later I came back to my warm dream city. And that was even better than the first time. On this trip I have met some nice people, just accidentally. But now I know that nothing goes accidentally in our lives. Through these people I saw my dream come closer to me. I saw an opportunity to start my business in Dubai. My first idea about my own business was completely different from what I am doing now. But flowers were always my big passion. I have already had some experience by helping my friends in their flower shop in Holland. But I never thought that it will became my profession. During my last visit to Dubai I spoke to some people who could help me to start my business. And after this visit I knew for sure that I will start my own business in flowers in Dubai.

Holland is a small country with a huge flower export to all countries over the world. Many talented florist come from Holland. I had already a talent for arranging flowers, but I lacked knowledge of the floral technics. That’s why I had decided to take a course. I found the best school for florist, namely International Floral Design School Holland - Boerma institute , and I did a very good choice by choosing this education. Each day during my education my love for flowers was getting more and more stronger. I become more and more convinced that I did a right choice to make my start in Dubai with my big passion, flowers. It took me just 9 months to undergo the biggest change in my life, following my dream and moving to Dubai. And I can now say with certainty, that this was my best decision ever. I am still in love with Dubai and with my job. I have met many people, I have done a lot of flower arrangements for the hotel and at events and I have learned a lot about business and life. Dubai is the city with a great opportunity. You just need to be patient, love what you do and believe in yourself.

Dutch Garden of Dreams

Our history

2015 -
Dutch Garden of Dreams opens in Dubai 

Dutch Garden of Dreams has been officially registered in March 2015. From that moment we started our flowers activities in making flower arrangements for hotels, events and weddings in Dubai. In 2016 we started a new project, selling flowers online on subscription.

2015 -
Partners with  

From 2015 is Dutch Garden of Dreams has become a partner of Double Tree by Hilton. We are working together with event company M Premiere, Art Village( specializing in wedding and event decorations) and The One Day (specializing in wedding and event organization).

2015 -
Exclusive florist to Double Tree by Hilton JBR 

You can find our gorgeous flower arrangements in the lobby of Double Tree by Hilton. We change all the floral displays weekly and refresh them during the week. We use the finest flowers in different colors and settings, but we keep the arrangements according to the style of the hotel. Floral arrangements convey a sense of a hotel's style and values. We also do the flower arrangements for the VIP guests and other events at the hotel.

Our flower arrangement skills

Dutch Garden of Dreams is specialized in high quality flower arrangements. The idea is that each piece should represent the person who is receiving/giving the flowers or the event. We will accommodate what the client desires. We aim to translate what you want in beautiful pieces of work, whether it is for a wedding, a celebration or for your office. In that regard, the sky is the limit. What we can offer you:

  • Flower Subscriptions, receive fresh bouquets on your doorstep
  • Events and other special occasions
  • Weddings
  • Floral arrangements in Hotels
  • Floral arrangements in your company

Of course if the client desires a simple bouquet of flowers that is possible too.The bouquet will look luxurious and fresh since Dutch Garden of Dreams only works with the finest products and flowers.

Our team

  • Daniel Bullock

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  • Amanda Tompson

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  • John Franklin

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Our advantages

Flowers say more than words

For every occasion flowers are the best way to send your message of welcome, love, sympathy and happiness.

Only the best quality flowers

We source our flowers from the best places in the world to get you only the best arrangements.

We are here to help

Whatever you are looking we are here to help putting the best arrangements together for each occasion.